Petra Jordan’s Artistic Journey – Episode 19 – The Mission Of Art
In this episode I talked about

– the Virtual Tip Jar Tour and how people are starting to contribute financially to help me keep going at
– my experience in Burlington, VT including, the show Radio Bean
– meeting Alex Grey and Allyson Grey at COSM Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, as well as their events Full Moon Gathering: September 2017 and Art Church and they how they inspired me;
– my performance at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia and the Philly Rising open mic competition.


Find out how last week’s track “I Am Not That” was received, how I use Facebook groups to share my music and grow my audience, or even for my personal growth and development, what I’m thinking of bringing into songwriters’ night or what new inspirations I have come across for new songs (to be written!).

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