PJ’s Artistic Journey – Episode 1 – Consultations with an Artist Manager

So here are two things I wanna share with you tonight:

1. New Blogumentary:  PJ’s Artistic Journey – #pjsartisticjourney

I’ve decided to start documenting my artistic journey in blogs (and videos will most likely be a part of it) because I have found that when I share my experiences and insights on the path of developing my musical career, others (artists or non-artists) find it also valuable and even inspiring!  And I find it worthy as a review of the things I have done!

Also, I myself have often wondered how artists make it in the music business. What are the necessary steps, how long does it take, what does it take? 

Soooo, from now on, look for #pjsartisticjourney on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to see the newest developments of my musical career – which in essence is simply my effort to make the most out of my gifts and talents by sharing them with the world.

Here’s the first of the series on Facebook. If the video doesn’t work (Facebook is just not there yet, like Youtube), click here.

PJ’s Artistic Journey-Episode 1

How consultations with an artist manager help an #independentartist
If you’d like to work with a manager but can’t afford to pay one full time yet, you may want to check out this video. I just finished my 3rd consultation session with the AR Vocal Agency and…

(excuse my throat clearing moments :)) Don’t know what it is ’cause I don’t have a cold at the moment! And honestly, I wasn’t that nervous 🙂 )


Posted by Petra Jordan on Tuesday, May 2, 2017


2. How To Leap and Raise Your Value

As an artist working to create a sustainable career with my music, I often run into those that want me to play for free or tell me that it’s very hard to make a living as an artist, or that only a few make it, that it’s a hard business… bla bla bla… Gee, like I don’t know it!!!

What these naysayers never say (after all, they are naysayers) is how it IS possible to get there. If there are people making a decent living with their music, it must be possible, right? With that said, I just watched this video by Kyle Cease, one of my favorite speakers on the planet, and I can’t say enough about how much it spoke to me! And I think it might speak to you, too, so I’m sharing it here.

Go ahead, you wonderful creators, make a leap and raise your value!



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