PJ’s Artistic Journey – Episode 3 – An Eventful Week!

Hey everyone!

so here I am, a week later and soooo much has happened over the last 7 days!

Recap in video (+ some extra info 😉


Recap in text and links:

    • “Down By The Water” recording from my home practice got 3k views in 1 day! Never happened before! It got also very positive feedback on Instagram and got featured by @talentgram1! Here’s the video on Facebook. If you like it, please share!


    • Just for fun to share on Instagram, I made a short promo video for my track “From The Other Side” on the Ibiza Beats CD Vol. 10. I shared it with the producer of the compilation who really liked it and, with a few small changes, he decided to use it as an official promo for the whole CD! So out of 24 tracks, mine will be featured in the promo 🙂 So grateful!
      The main takeaway – don’t wait for things to come to you, create and initiate projects yourself!
      Here’s the video:


      • Songwriting Workshops – I finalized the content of the workshops and I’m in the process of offering them to music institutions! Have a look at www.messageofthesong.com and if you have any tips and ideas who would be interested in them, let me know!
      • I received the mix for the upcoming single/custom song “Heart on the Sleeve”  – and we decided to re-record it. Sometimes that happens, too. But we’ll make it great! 
      • I got invited to play at a ‘green’ event organized in Hilversum – the town I live (close to Amsterdam). It is now confirmed for 4 June and it will be a nice chance to promote my private Rainforest Fund tour! Stay tuned for more details…
      • I discovered “Smule” – a karaoke app (don’t laugh!) that enables you to share your recordings and sing with other more/less famous artists – including big stars like Ed Sheeran etc… This app is so much fun and sounds soo good that I’m inspired to record more covers and share them with you in the coming weeks/months! And also collaborate with other artists! I give you my first two recordings:



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