Petra Jordan is a singer-songwriter and pianist of Slovak origin based in the Netherlands, playing soulful pop with jazzy harmonies and philosophy in between the lines.

She began writing original compositions around the age of 15 and her life and passion for music took her through the territories of the US, Europe and the Middle East. Petra’s interest in the nature of human consciousness, meditation and psychology is ever more reflected in her lyrics. Her musical influences range from Sting and Tori Amos to Pink Floyd, Massive Attack and Jamiroquai all the way to the ambient music of Asura and Entheogenic. Her voice has been compared to Chrissie Hynde and her music to Carole King or Diane Birch.

In 2017, Petra independently organized a self-sponsored tour in the USA, and throughout the years, she has performed in Belgium, Germany and Greece, as well as in numerous venues and clubs in the Netherlands and Slovakia. In the past, she has been among the winners of talent shows in both the US and her home country Slovakia. During her years in Belgium, she studied piano with Hans Lamal, a student of the world famous jazz pianist Chick Corea.

She is also the founder of the songwriting platform Message Of The Song and has given songwriting workshops at the Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam, InHolland Conservatory in Haarlem, as well as independently organized courses and workshops.

Her newest EP ‘Surrender’ is produced by a Brussels-based musician and producer Bai Kamara Jr.